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Adding Appliances

Adding or Changing Appliances?

What Appliances Should I Add?

Think, "major appliances" here. Fridges/Freezers, Washers, and Dryers. Built-in grills in the outdoor kitchen.

These types of appliances typically have their own maintenance schedules and needs, and who has time to comb through the user manual to find out what needs to be done, and when? Well, we do!

How To?

Making additions and updates to your intelligent home is easy. Simply use the HomeKey Update My Home Form.

Once you're there, you'll need:

  • The email address associated with your HomeKey account.
  • The type of item you would like to add including the brand, model number, and location of the item (you can also do a "quick add" by uploading a picture of the item's label).

If you get stuck, don't hesitate to contact our support team at support@gethomekey.com or (866) 805-0225.

*Please allow 24 to see your updates in your HomeKey App.