Adding appliance serial numbers in the HomeKey app

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A new home typically means new appliances and new warranties. Don't forget to register them with the manufacturer to ensure you stay up to date on potential recalls, or in the case where you need to show proof of ownership but you no longer have the receipt. 

When registering your new appliances, you'll need to find the model and serial number for each appliance before registering. Finding these numbers can sometimes be tricky - HomeKey has done the research so you don't have to!



Most serial numbers and model information can be found in the inside and back top or bottom areas or on the inside of the door.


Ranges, stoves, and cooktops

These are almost always located on the inside edge of the bottom drawer. Simply pull out the drawer, it's usually on the right or left-hand side.

Occasionally, the labels may be applied to the rear of the unit near the top.

If you have a cooktop that sits directly on the counter, this one may be a bit tricky to find.  Typically, the model and serial numbers are found on the bottom of the unit, which you can usually access through the cabinets or drawers below. 


Stuck? We would love to help! Simply connect with someone at the HomeKey Support team and we'll help you find it. 

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