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To-do's take the guesswork out of home maintenance.

Each home is different. Whether that's your unique floor care needs, appliance finishes, fridge filters; no home is like yours.

HomeKey's To-Do's are scheduled maintenance needs that are unique to your home and its features. You don't have to remember when to change your filters, or what cleaner works best on your floors, or when you need to re-seal your countertops. An intelligent home remembers, and it will remind you when specific maintenance needs are due as well as the products required to get the job done right.


Uniquely Yours

Your home builder knows that following a regular care and maintenance schedule of your home, not only increases the longevity and overall health of your home but also increases home values.

HomeKey has built a unique maintenance schedule for your specific home based on things like the location of your home, its contents, and your product preferences.

HomeKey does this with "To-Do's."

In the HomeKey app, you'll find your To-Do's everywhere that you need them.



Completing Tasks

To complete any To-Do, simply touch its icon.

If there's anything you'll need to complete the task, simply order it through Amazon. We've already verified that the products are what you'll need to get the job done right.

If you're ready to complete your To-Do, just check the box and say, "It's Done!" Great job!

As you can see, maintaining your home is that simple.

So relax, you've got HomeKey.


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